18 March 2018  
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Registration Form for Access to the
Threats Open Source Intelligence Gateway (TOSIG)

Greetings. TOSIG strives to provide useful unclassified or "open source" information on terrorism and other global threats to the intelligence, military, law enforcement, and other national security and public safety communities. To help us determine your need for access to TOSIG information, we invite you to provide the data requested below. Although some fields—indicated by an asterisk (*)—are mandatory, information that you provide in the other fields will also help us to determine your “need to know” the global threats information which we produce. No personal information which you provide to us will be shared with anyone else. Further, once your access to the TOSIG Website is approved you will have access to the "My Profile" section where you can edit your personal information, change your username and/or password, and indicate your preferences about receiving TOSIG newsletters.


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Note: If the foregoing information does not clearly reflect that you are a federal, state, or local government employee, please tell us in the below "Comments" box why you think access to TOSIG would be appropriate for you. If you have a problem about providing any of the requested information, please tell us why in the below "Comments" box. We may e-mail or telephone you to verify your needs for access to TOSIG.





Please direct questions, comments, and suggestions to webmaster@tosig.com. Thank you for your interest in TOSIG.





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